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Birthdate:Jun 12
RP account for the DC character 'Poison Ivy'. I own neither Poison Ivy or Christina Hendricks.
Mun and Muse are over 18

Name: Pamela Lillian Isley
Alias: Poison Ivy
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 133 lbs
Eyes: Green
Hair: Red
Education: College Graduate, Ph.D. in Botany
Occupations: Criminal, Eco-terrorist, Botanist
Unusual Features: As a side effect of the exotic plant toxins injected into her by the Floronic Man, Ivy's skin tone became a pale green, though it can vary from green to nearly pure white, and her lips are a somewhat darker shade of green. She can alter her skin's shade by modifying the intensity of her poison, though it requires control and practice to do so.
Abilities: Poison Ivy possesses a complete immunity to virtually all types of toxins and poisons, and she often employs them as weapons. The natural oils that her body produces are laced with biochemical toxins, so the very touch of her skin can poison a normal human if she so chooses. She has also developed several toxins which serve different purposes, including a truth serum and a love potion. She can easily mesmerize and manipulate people, particularly men, by using her special pheromones. Poison Ivy has complete mental control over all forms of plant life, allowing her to animate them to attack and ensnare her opponents, and even to create powerful new plant hybrids for specialized purposes.

She has a special relationship with plants. She treats them as if they were her children and they respond to her will and command. Her expertise as a biochemist has allowed her to develop mutant plants and to create and bring to life plants that were long thought to be extinct. Ivy's connection with "the green world" is said to be on par with supernatural beings such as Swamp Thing. Ivy can also hear plants when they are in agony and this drives her crazy.

Since her death and rebirth, Ivy's command over plant life has increased to the point where she can literally grow giant animated plants from seedlings in a matter of seconds. She has incorporated living vines into her costume which she can utilize as powerful extra limbs when in combat. She is able to hear through plants. A recent impressive use of her power is to channel her consciousness into plant material even at great distances, growing and animating it into a formidable plant avatar under her control. She can hear and speak through the avatar as well as act physically through it.

Surviving the exotic plant toxins injected into her by the Floronic Man also altered Ivy's physiology in more subtle ways. She has far greater durability and resistance to injury than a normal human and is unusually agile, being able to effortlessly climb most surfaces much like her ivy namesake. She is also unusually strong, possessing three times the strength of a female athlete of her same height, weight, and build. She is at home in the water and is a fast and powerful swimmer. Ivy has learned a limited style of martial arts combat and can handle herself quite well in a fight, even when not using her other powers. Ivy's enhanced physiology is dependent on receiving a certain amount of sunlight, which she absorbs and converts to energy in much the same way plants do (and is part of the reason for her greenish skin tone). She becomes greatly weakened if deprived of sunlight for an extended period of time.

Though mentally unstable, Ivy possesses a genius-level intellect, particularly regarding anything related to plants, and may be the world's foremost botanical expert.

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